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Douro River

The Douro River rises in Spain in the province of Soria, the peaks of the Sierra de Urbião (Sierra de Urbión), the 2080 meters of altitude and crosses the north of Portugal, and the mouth of the Douro is located near the cities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia.

The Douro region is the oldest demarcated region was the world that has knowledge, with the "title" since 1756. Stretching along the Douro River valley, UNESCO world heritage site, here are produced excellent wines, such as the famous Port Wine.

Discover the oldest demarcated region of vineyards in the world. The Douro is wainting for you ...

"Douro, geological poem" is how the poet Miguel Torga referred to the Douro region and its people.
Mountains do not stop growing vines that no one can tell, the river that never stops running, piece of manly beauty ...

If this is a very popular destination for those looking for variety of scenarios for a wine enthusiast becomes even more interesting. Its dramatic mountain scenery and smell that awakens complete with a drink the best wine of Oporto, born and raised in the rough vines that grow on cliffs that bordeiam the river Douro.
Its cuisine paired perfectly with wine. Add to this menu a lovely boat ride or commuter train. The ruler, as is known, is the cradle of all this wondrous beauty and starting point for the discovery of the Douro.

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