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There is no river that kept on its banks so much nostalgia as the Douro. For a long time, sailed its waters Rabelo boats loaded with barrels of port wine, challenging and fast torrents.

Today, with the river tamed by dams, equipped with several piers, the river turned toil to transport other goods and especially for leisure. The river no longer carries wine "fine" for Porto, but is there that brings tourists on cruises that can last a day or a week.

Upriver, enjoying a silence broken only by the rustle of the waters or the cawing of a bird, the traveler can enjoy quietly the charms of one and the other side, in the certainty that you have no time for boredom. Because, as the valley is opening and the top of the mountains down a verdant mantle of vines, with whitewashed houses and famous farms through the middle, with one or another chapel on a cliff peering, the senses are in constant alarm.

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