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The Farms best known as "Quintas"

In the Douro, there are hundreds of farms, properties that in traditional concept are composed of vineyards, home owners, winery and other attachments. The most important are located along the Douro River and its main affluent. The bulk of these give the name to the wine, although many brands of port match the family names, as is the case of Graham's, Fonseca, Burmester, or the Ferreira or Pinto Ramos, among many others.

The history of the Douro wine region is intertwined with the history of some of more impressive "Quintas".

The most famous is the Quinta do Vesúvio. Belonged to Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, the "Ferreirinha", the woman who survived the devastation created by phylloxera - the disease was caused by the insect with the same name - in the last quarter of the nineteenth century, and erected the largest land empire in the Douro, whose farms, some still in possession of family members, continue to produce the region's best wines.

Today, Quinta do Vesúvio is in possession of the Symington family, the largest group of port and the largest owner of the Douro. Other notable properties are the Quinta do Noval, Quinta das Carvalhas, Quinta do Seixo, Quinta de Vargellas, Quinta da Roeda, Quinta do Bomfim, Quinta do Vale Meão, Quinta do Bom Retiro, Quinta de Ervamoria and Quinta da Leda.

Some of them are neighbors to the LBV House Hotel.
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